Our Framework


The University’s strategic framework will strengthen the vision and mission of Saint Mary’s University.

Our three key initiatives are:

  • Promoting Discovery and Innovation in a Learning-Centred Environment
  • Fostering Intercultural Learning and Understanding
  • Strengthening Institutional Sustainability

Our strategic plan stems from our values which articulate our distinctive contribution to our students and to civil society, locally and globally.

Our values, which are found within these three initiatives, include the following:

  • pursuing academic growth
  • demonstrating resilience
  • developing intercultural competence
  • engaging our alumni and community
  • and exercising ethical wisdom

Saint Mary’s University has a long history of athletic excellence - we are proud of our strong varsity program, our commitment to recreational athletics and health and wellness for all members of our community. Being a student athlete at Saint
Mary’s involves a holistic approach to academic and athletic pursuit, celebrating dedication, determination, community engagement and hard work. Our student leaders are dedicated to making a difference at the University and in the community,
through student societies and extra-curricular opportunities.

Saint Mary’s has a tradition of engagement with our community, drawing on our active alumni, many of whom are national and international leaders in business, politics, the arts, culture, science and industry. All of us are motivated by the values of our
University, and the importance of staying connected to our students, to each other and to the University.

Our Latin motto Age Quod Agis calls for us to ‘do what we do’, to act in the world, to shoulder responsibility, to champion social justice, and to uphold ethical values. It is at the heart of what it means to be a Santamarian. This is our distinctive and shared identity.

Saint Mary’s has evolved into a modern, secular, and metropolitan university. We are the second largest university in Nova Scotia with approximately 7,200 students spread over faculties: Arts, Science, Business, Education, and Graduate Studies and Research. We offer excellent undergraduate degrees, and Masters and PhD programs in our areas of strengths within the humanities, business social sciences, and the natural sciences.

Saint Mary’s is a leader in Business Studies and Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is recognized for innovations in these fields. Saint Mary’s Sobey School of Business is the largest and most respected business school in Atlantic Canada.
It is the only comprehensive business school in the region offering academic and research programming at the undergraduate, Masters, and PhD levels.

Looking forward over the next five years, we will encourage greater participation from underrepresented segments of our population, including African Nova Scotians and First Nations, Innu and Métis students, as well as those whose learning requires further assistance and accommodation. All of this is consistent with our Vision. Importantly, we recognize the significance of preparing students for employment, even as we affirm that our University sits at the leading edge of knowledge creation and that we have a long-term responsibility for contributing to an educated citizenry.