The Saint Mary’s University Roundtable on Immigration and Innovation


Saint Mary’s hosted an immigration roundtable on January 26, 2017 with over 300 stakeholders in attendance.
This important event brought together key agents in the development of immigration policy and innovative practices in Atlantic Canada. It explored the idea that immigration is not only about numbers or the openness of Canada’s society but is also about the creation of a talent pool that fuels innovation and contributes to the economic prosperity of our region. 

Participants brought a variety of perspectives from the Government of Canada, the Government of Nova Scotia, university researchers, education, business and industry. We also had the opportunity to hear from recent immigrants and graduates, many of whom are part of the talent created by higher education in this region.
At Saint Mary’s, we remain committed to ensuring our international students have the tools to be successful. We will continue working with our government, business, and community partners to ensure there are opportunities for our international students to make the Atlantic Region their permanent home.