Targets 2017-2018

July 2017

  • Develop implementation workplans and reporting structure
  • Establish baseline data for major progress indicators
  • Diversifying revenue (Institutional Sustainability)
    • Recruitment plans approved (domestic and international, market targets in place for 2017-18)
    • Advancement Plan in place (including execution of first round of university-wide priority setting)
    • Leveraging funding opportunities through federal and provincial governments for infrastructure, research and innovation, Indigenous student opportunities
  • Intercultural learning (initiate strategy and reorganization of structures to support internationalization and intercultural learning for students, through Action Team)
  • Capital project planning priorities
  • Risk management update

November 2017

  • Updated retention baseline data and planning
  • Initiate intercultural strategy through Action Team
  • Assessment of curriculum alignment actions
  • Refresh capital project plan – strategic and land use priorities
  • Produce baseline data for strategic performance indicators

April 2018

  • Academic Plan renewal
  • Research Plan renewal
  • Align curriculum values to promote discovery and innovation, student success and intercultural learning
  • Assessment of university community diversity
  • Budget development process fully aligned